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About DC Recruiting 

Hiring the right people is the most important part of a successful company. DC Recruiting specializes in helping companies that are understaffed, have difficulty finding staff due to time restraints or, are just starting up.

A background in Human Resources and Employment Counselling, with many years experience with recruiting enable DC Recruiting to find the right people for your workplace.

DC Recruiting is a small business that prides itself on acting as a true broker between job seeker and employer. Employers benefit from having their expectations clearly communicated to job seekers.  Positive relationships built with job seekers are passed on to the employer in the form of enthusiastic and informed prospective employees.  

A Client of DC Recruiting can expect the following:

  • Coordination with hiring managers/owners to identify hiring needs.

  • Creation of an Agreement to be signed by the employer and DC Recruiting.

  • Clear communication in relation to billing.

  • Creation of tailored job ads based on company requirements.

  • Assisting in organizing job fairs.  

  • Screening acquired Resumes.

  • Performing initial screening calls to assess an applicant’s qualifications and experience against the needs of the client.

  • Scheduling interviews between client and job seeker. DC Recruiting’s participation in the interview is available upon request.

DC Recruiting’s process will ensure the best candidates are sourced and presented to a client. DC Recruiting goes above and beyond providing “two feet and a heartbeat”.

How much does all of this cost? Not as much as you would think! DC Recruiting is a small homebased business with little overhead helping make services very affordable! A small initial fee is charged to cover the cost of advertising. The main fee is calculated using the candidate’s yearly salary and is payable on a schedule agreed upon by DC Recruiting and the client. Clients are not billed until the successful candidate starts work.

DC Recruiting is committed to helping a company succeed, not bury them in fees. Let’s talk about how we can work together! 

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