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About Me

Here to help.

My name is Dave Crechiola, founder of DC Recruiting. I've worked in many different industries over the years and I have always wanted to be in a position to help others find happiness in the world of work. I am an HR trained professional and, after working in the for profit sector, spent a few years working as an Employment Counsellor. Employers can benefit from my expertise as I've learned to listen to their needs and can find the right person for any organization. Job Seekers, let me show you how to find your dream job! Employers, I can help you find awesome candidates!

Let's get to work!   

Our Story

This is a brand new business and I am honoured, and a little terrified, to be going out on my own. I reserve this section of the website for my future clients and partners. Let's write this chapter together! 

I started this venture because I've observed things that need to change in relation to how clients, Employers and Job Seekers alike, receive the assistance they need. I may not be able to change the world, but I'm going to try anyhow! I am committed to providing people with the attention and care they deserve when they need it most. Job Searching, or keeping a business afloat is daunting and stressful. An open ear and some motivation goes a long way!

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